The VA Coalition will hold it’s monthly meeting for OCTOBER on:
THURSDAY, 23 OCTOBER 2014 at the South Regional Branch Library ( located off Johnston St.) in Lafayette at 7:00pm.

During this month’s meeting we will have an update on the future of our CBOC.

In addition our guest speakers  will be (in order):

The order of our speakers will be:
        Mr. Joey Durel, Lafayette City-Parish Mayor President
        U.S. Congressman William Cassidy, MD
        VAMC-Alexandria Director Marty Traxler
We will also take several photos of our 43,000+ letters of support from Acadiana citizens.  This photograph will be taken on the stage before the meeting, and we would like to include all of the VAC members in the picture.  This may be a crowded, but fun, photograph as we thank those who have supported us.

Meetings last 60-90 minutes.

Please note that these meetings are not only limited to Veterans but all concerned for the healthcare of Veterans. These meetings are very beneficial to Veterans, their families, friends, etc.


The November VAC Meeting will be Monday, November 24th.  Our topic for the evening will be ”The Ebola Virus, an Update“.

Hope to see you there


PC3 Fact Sheet

Patient Centered Community Care (PC3) is a Veterans Health Administration (VHA) nationwide program that offers healthcare contracts to provide eligible Veterans access to:

-inpatient specialty care

-outpatient specialty care

-mental health care

-limited emergency care

-limited newborn care for enrolled female Veterans following the birth of a child.

Under PC3, VHA contracts with Health Net and TriWest develop a network of providers who deliver the covered care. Care is available through PC3 when the local VA Medical Center (VAMC) cannot readily cannot provide the needed care to Veterans due to lack of available specialists , long wait times, geographic inaccessibility, and other factors.

For more information on PC3 please see the PC3 fact sheet by clicking the link below:

PC3FactSheet (1)


Remarks by Secretary Robert McDonald during AM VETs National Conference

Remarks by Secretary Robert McDonald during the AM VETS National Conference in Memphis, TN 8/13/14

For the full article click the link below:

Remarks by Secretary Robert McDonald during AMVETS Conference (1)


President Obama likely to sign VA Reform Bill Next Week


Obama likely to sign VA Reform Bill Next Week

For the full article please visit:

Obama likely to sign VA Reform Bill


Congratulations letter from VA Affairs Secretary David LaCerte

Congratulations Letter to USDVA from Veterans Affairs Secretary David Lacerte

For the letter please click on the link below:


Congrats Letter to USDVA Secretary.Aug1’14


Clinic Bill UPDATE 7-31-14

Senate approved this evening by vote of 91-3.
Goes to the President next to be signed.
Senator Vitter will go to new VA Secretary McDonald to plead our case for speeding up the process of awarding contracts to successful bidders.
I’ll assume Senator Landrieu will do likewise as well as Congressman Boustany.
Four years & seven months ago we began our journey & quest. Two years & four months since the first process exploded. Time flies went you are having fun. What a trip.
Here’s to the shovel hitting the ground before Christmas. That gives the VA four plus months to do the deal.
 What a Christmas present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Truth About the Vietnam War

A 5 minute film by Prager University on the Vietnam War..

Click the link below


The Truth About the Vietnam War


Veterans Bill 7/29/14

For a copy of the Veterans Bill please click on the link below.

It is 132 pages.


Veterans Bill


SW LA VA Clinics Included in Final Vets Bill, House and Senate expected to vote on final bill this week


From Senator Landrieu’s Office

Landrieu: SW La. VA Clinics Included in Final Vets Bill House and Senate expected to vote on final bill this week

Clinics originally included in Senate bill, now in final version after request by Landrieu

WASHINGTON —U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., today announced the final comprehensive veterans reform legislation includes the green light needed to construct the long-delayed veterans clinics in Lafayette and Lake Charles after she included it in the original Senate bill and requested it remain in the final version by House and Senate negotiators. The House and Senate are expected to vote on the bill by the end of this week.

“While it has taken longer than it should have or any of us hoped, I’m proud to announce that we have changed the light from red to green to build the Lafayette and Lake Charles veterans’ clinics. The 50,000 veterans who call the greater Lafayette and Lake Charles region home will soon have quality health care in their local communities, and I urge members from both parties in both chambers to vote in favor of this legislation that keeps the promises we have made to our veterans,” Sen. Landrieu said. “I’ll continue to work with Rep. Boustany to get this bill across the finish line, so that we can keep the promises we made to our veterans.”

Earlier this month, Sen. Landrieu met with Louisiana Veterans Affairs Sec. David LaCerte to coordinate state and federal efforts to reduce health care wait times, increase the number of doctors and nurses and thanked LaCerte for his service to Louisiana and its 300,000 veterans.

In September 2012, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) changed its characterization of Major Medical Facility leases, requiring the Veterans Administration to pay for a full 20 years of rent upfront for health clinics. While the leases would have normally cost just more than $126 million, they are now scored at almost $1.4 billion. Due to these costs, 27 clinics across the country could not be authorized in fiscal year 2013, including clinics in Lake Charles and Lafayette.

Since then, Sen. Landrieu and Rep. Boustany have partnered to pass legislation and find solutions to construct the two clinics in Southwest Louisiana. Earlier this year, Sen. Landrieu and Rep. Boustany led an effort of the entire Louisiana congressional delegation to demand answers from the Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki on the delayed completion of the two veterans’ clinics in Southwest Louisiana.


Vitter Announces VA Clinics for Lafayette, Lake Charles, will be in final Veterans Bill


Vitter Announces VA Clinics for Lafayette, Lake Charles will be in Final Veterans Bill

(Washington, D.C.) — U.S. Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) announced today that the authorization for VA outpatient clinics in Lafayette and Lake Charles will be in the final veterans bill being worked out in Congress.

“This is really great news – I was able to get assurances that the VA Clinics for Lafayette and Lake Charles will be included in the final veterans bill we’ve been working on in Congress,” said Vitter. “I’ve been pushing to get these authorized for years now to make sure those who served our country have access to quality health care without having to travel long distances.”

The U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives passed different versions of the veterans bill. The bills are currently being reconciled in a conference committee. Vitter fought to make sure the bill that passed the Senate included the clinics and urged his colleagues on the conference committee to make sure they stayed in the final version.

Vitter secured language authorizing both the Lafayette and Lake Charles clinics in the Senate’s version of the veterans legislation. Before the agreement, Vitter had been pushing for unanimous consent for his legislation authorizing the stalled VA clinics since February. Sanders repeatedly blocked Vitter’s bill. Vitter pushed for unanimous consent on six separate occasions: February 27, 2014, March 11, 2014, March 26, 2014, April 2, 2014, April 9, 2014, and May 7, 2014.