Please join us tonight for our monthly VAC Meeting for AUGUST:

**Please note: Our meetings are normally held the 4th Thursday of the month UNLESS noted otherwise.**
Meetings last 60-90 minutes

These meetings are not only limited to Veterans but family, friends, concerned citizens and anyone concerned about healthcare for Veterans.

Meetings are held at the SOUTH REGIONAL LIBRARY BRANCH located off Johnston St. in Lafayette at 1900 hours (that’s 7:00pm)

During tonight’s meeting we will have an update on the clinics as well as a medical lecture by Dr. Christopher LaGraize.
Dr. LaGraize is a vascular surgeon in Lafayette, and member of the Acadiana Vascular Center, who will speak on vein problems in the legs, especially varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis, which can be life threatening.

Hope to see you tonight!


September 14th 2016 VAC Meeting Held in Lake Charles



It is our pleasure to host the 1st of many Veterans Action Coalition meetings in Lake Charles Louisiana. The details of the location and time of the meeting is below. Please pass on this information to every veteran and spouse you know so that everyone within the Lake Charles and surrounding area gets a chance to attend.

We all want to have the very best of medical care for our veterans. The Coalition, working closely with the VA, seeks to improve all aspects of Veterans Healthcare. The Coalition continually assesses it’s mission in order to focus on the needs of the Veterans. These needs are reviewed with the VA leadership on a state, regional and national level.

It is our pleasure to invite veterans and spouses to the first meeting of the Veterans Action Coalition of Southwest Louisiana in the Lake Charles area.

Our meeting will take place at the VFW Hall at 5676 Lake Street on September 14th, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.



Coming Up

Here are the future dates of our Various VAC meetings at the Lafayette Public Library, Southside, on Johnston Street, near the Mall. These dates will cover through October.

The library has opened up the 3rd room at the library, across from our meeting room, to sign-in Veterans into the VA system. This will take place from 4-7 pm on our meeting dates.

The only exception to the time for the sign up is in October, which will be from 4-6pm ( as there is a previously scheduled meeting for the Library).


Here is the future schedule:

Aug 25, 2016, Thursday

Sept 22, 2016, Thursday 

Oct, 27, 2016, Thursday

Veteran sign-up…………………. 4:00 pm -7:00 pm*
* except October which will be 4:00pm -6:00pm; the sign-up room will start in July.

VAC monthly General meeting… 7:00 pm-8:30 pm * 
*note: These meetings can last till 9:00 pm if need be

Hope to see you there!!!!


VAC Mission Statement


Mission Statement of The Veteran’s Action Coalition of South Louisiana

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Veterans Action Coalition of Southwest Louisiana is to assure all local veterans obtain the highest quality medical care available. In addition, the Coalition functions to promote and support other veteran programs in southwest Louisiana.

1. Encourage all veterans to sign up for VA privileges
2. Obtain enlarged, improved medical clinic facility in the Lake Charles CBOC area
3. Insure quality medical care at any clinic available to the veterans of southwest Louisiana
4. Obtain better specialty care to minimize long distance travel to other VA facilities
5. Utilize local physicians to help assure specialty services for veterans
6. Keep veterans informed of health and other issues through Monthly/Quarterly medical presentations, website and media
7. Inform, promote and support veteran activities not related to medical issues
8. Adjust objectives and direction of VAC efforts as needed in response to major changes in local, regional or national VA system


Flood Relief for Guardsman

Flood Relief for Guardsmen:

Secretary Strickland stated that the LDVA will be issuing rapid military family assistance fund checks of $750.00 to our Guardsmen (and other service members) in support of flood relief.

Go to this web address and fill out the single page application:

Flood Relief Military Family Assistance

This fund is supported through donations from Louisiana Citizens through their income tax filings so it is a perishable fund.


Federal Assistance for Small Businesses Impacted by Historic Flooding

From Senator Vitter’s office

click on the link below for more information

Federal Assistance for Small Businesses Impacted by Historic Flooding


Federal Assistance for Individuals and Families Impacted by Historic Flooding

From Senator Vitter’s office

for more information click the link below:

Federal Assistance for Individuals and Families Impacted by Historic Flooding


Federal Assistance for Historic Flooding

From Senator David Vitter’s office

For More information click the link below


Federal Assistance for Historic Flooding


Lake Charles CBOC Update 8/16/16

Lake Charles Clinic CBOC Progress…

Current flood conditions around Southwest Louisiana have limited activity at the new site. Awaiting a dry period.

Lake Charles 8-16 (2) Lake Charles 8-16


American Red Cross Find an Open Shelter

American Red Cross

RedCross Disaster Relief Find an Open Shelter