Remember the true meaning of today…


“We owe them a debt we can never repay. All we can do is remember them for what they did and why they had to be brave

for us”

President Ronald Reagan




Please join us for our MAY  2016 meeting:



1900 HOURS (7:00PM)

South Regional Library 


During tonight’s meeting:

We will have a presentation on Veteran’s Corner from Greg Ganier

We will also have an update on the new CBOC from Valerie Russell, Alexandria VAMC

Joe Sinceno from VA benefits office in New Orleans will also speak on the range of VA benefits. We will also be available for one on one meetings before and during the meeting.

If anyone would like to schedule a one on one please email VA Co-Chair Tom Grote at: twgrote@cox.net and Joe Sinceno at: joe.sinceno@va.gov

All public is invited to attend and you are urged to bring a friend!

Hope to see you there!

For more information on the Veterans Action Coalition you can visit our Facebook page facebook

under the Veterans Action Coalition of South Louisiana




The Coalition invites you to join us for our monthly meetings.

**Please note: Our meetings are normally held the 4th Thursday of the month UNLESS noted otherwise.**

Meetings last 60-90 minutes

These meetings are not only limited to Veterans but family, friends, concerned citizens and anyone concerned about healthcare for Veterans.

Meetings are  held at the SOUTH REGIONAL LIBRARY BRANCH located off Johnston St. in Lafayette at 1900 hours (thats’s 7:00pm)

Our next meetings will be held:







All public is invited to attend and you are urged to bring a friend!

Hope to see you there!

For more information on the Veterans Action Coalition you can visit our Facebook page facebook

under the Veterans Action Coalition of South Louisiana


Volunteers Needed for New Clinic

The new clinic is in need of volunteers.

Attached is the New Volunteer Application Form and steps  to become a volunteer in the VA System.

It takes about 30 days to clear each volunteer.


STEP 1: Complete a Volunteer Form.  You will be contacted after it has been processed; then

STEP 2: Sign-up for Orientation: Call Terro Celestine at 318-466-2708
STEP 3: Attend Orientation: Come to Voluntary Service and meet with Terro Celestine (Building 3, Room 117) and she will assist you with the process:
  • A. Orientation
  • B. Volunteer paperwork
  • C. Privacy Video
  • D. Wheelchair Video
  • E. Employee Health: You will get your 1st Tuberculosis (TB) test and must come back to have it read within 48 to 72 hours. Your 2nd TB test can then be done after your first TB has been read. If you live in South Louisiana, the nearest VA Clinic can read the test for you. Please inform Employee Health that you plan on having it read at a VA Clinic.
  • F. Human Resources: You will need to have two forms of ID (one with SS number)
  • G. Police Service: Fingerprinting to initiate background check which could take up to two weeks. You will be contacted once your background check is returned favorable and you can then schedule when you will volunteer.
  • H. DAV Drivers: (Building 3, Room 115) Provide valid driver’s license and car insurance, and be scheduled for a physical exam.
 If you have any questions regarding the volunteer process or orientation, please call Terro Celestine at 318-466-2708
The link below will take you the the New Volunteer Application Form.

New Volunteer Application Form (Form VHA-10-7055)


Painting With A Twist 1st Annual Veterans Event (Date TBD)

1st Annual Veterans Appreciation Event

Painting With A Twist
107 Energy Parkway, Suite B
Lafayette La 70508

100 seats available
Once seats are filled the date will be set.

Painting With a Twist Veteran Appreciation Event.jpg


Lafayette Clinic Photos April 2016

Lafayette Clinic Aerial Photos April 2016

01 - VA Lafayette - April 2016 (1)

02 - VA Lafayette - April 2016

03 - VA Lafayette - April 2016


Veterans Corner Air Schedule

Below is the air schedule for Veterans Corner:

Cox-15 or LUS 3

Date Time

4/21/16 6:30 pm
4/22/16 8:30 pm
4/27/16 5:30 pm
4/28/16 9:30 pm
4/29/16 11:00 am
4/30/16 9:30 am

Cox-16 or LUS 4

4/21/16 8:30 pm
4/22/16 6:30 pm
4/23/16 3:00 pm
4/24/16 8:00 am
4/26/16 10:00 am
4/27/16 5:30 pm
4/28/16 9:30 pm
4/29/16 11:30 am
4/30/16 9:30 am
5/1/16 8:00 am


Veterans Corner

Below is a link for the Veterans Corner presented by Mr. Greg Ganier at our March meeting.
Mr. Ganier will do a more in depth presentation on Veterans Corner at our May VA Coalition meeting



VA Coalition 3/30 Meeting Recap…

VA Coalition Public Meeting
Va Coalition March Pblc Meeting 5
Va Coalition March Pblc Meeting 6
A brief presentation was given by Greg Ganier with Veterans Corner. Veterans Corner airs on AOC and Fox. Mr. Ganier will be back in May to do a more detailed presentation on Veterans corner and their efforts.
Tom Carroll, Director of Public Works and Warren Abadie presented a traffic analysis to the Coalition. Currently there are still some issues regarding the traffic and a traffic light near the clinic.
VA Coalition 30 March Pblc. meeting 1
VA Coalition 30 March Pblc. meeting 2
Points presented included:
-You cannot have 3 signals that close together.
LCG did not conduct the traffic report; it was conducted by another contract
-LCG currently has a project going on to extend Bell Fontaine to Westmark
The slowest part of the project is acquiring the rights.
Options would include having the wooded area to eventually connect.
-It would not be feesible to move the current traffic lights.
-If a light is put up accidents increase
-There are some neighborhood concerns.
The Coalition suggested changing the speed limit on Ambassador.
Ultimately the Coalition plans to set up another meeting with Mayor Robideaux to further discuss the issue.
Co-Chair Skip Palminiter gave an update on CBOC-B (Mental Health Unit)
-Since Feb. 1st 40-45 patients have been seen
-parking going well; nice location
-the only negative encountered so far is the bus system transport; the bus stop is located off Johnston which is a little far for some to walk to get to the clinic.
The Coalition plans to look more into this issue.
-Co-chairs Tom and Skip toured the clinic again yesterday (3/29)
-Everything overall going well.
Valerie Russell, current Assistant Director of Alexandria VAMC briefly spoke to the Coalition.
Mrs. Russell has worked in the VA over 22 years. Her duty is to help get things going in Lafayette and Lake Charles. She states “My passion is to take care of Veterans”.
Va Coalition 30 March Pblc Meeting 4

Va Coalition 30 March Pblc meeting 3
Before closing there was a brief discussion on the Lake Charles clinic as they are currently encountering some issues with the sewage on the property.


Veteran Peer Support Group

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am extremely excited to announce the new formation of our Veteran Peer Support group for the Acadiana area. It’s been in the works for quite some time and has truly been a joint effort. The logo was developed by a Marine, and John and I are Army and Air Force respectively.

Please distribute this flyer to all of your Veteran and Veteran Organization contacts (I ask if printed and posted it be in color due to the graphics), whether they have served in a combat zone or not. One team, one fight! We can all learn from and support each other.

Instead of being retroactive to the 22 Veterans per day committing suicide it is our intent to be proactive and attempt to get ahead of the fight. As such we encourage young troops who have not deployed to attend our meetings. With this, relationships can be established prior to deployment and continue upon return. Veterans will know they have a place to go and share their stories, a place where they are accepted, and a place for common ground.

Due to the nature of my work, I foresee this not only to be a needed program but hopefully an extremely successful program. Our intent is to use what Lafayette can do with the program to facilitate the startup of Veteran Peer Support Detachments across the State/Nation. In fact I’ve already got a gentlemen interested in starting one up in the Greater New Orleans Area.

We are also seeking to reach out specifically to our female Veterans. We know you are out there and we would love to see you at our meetings as well. You bring a unique experience to the table and face unique challenges. We would most certainly like to see you active in this program.

With your support, I know this can be a great success.

Best Regards,
Rylan Choate