Below are the upcoming dates for  the Veteran’s Action Coalition Monthly Meetings.

27th AUGUST 2015


1900 HOURS (that’s 7:00pm)


22nd SEPTEMBER 2015


1900 HOURS (that’s 7:00pm)


20th OCTOBER 2015


1900 HOURS (that’s 7:00pm)

*Please note due to scheduling at the library our September and October meetings will be held on


All meetings are held the 4th THURSDAY OF THE MONTH(*unless noted otherwise)

Meetings are held:

at the

South Regional Library location, located off Johnston St. in Lafayette

Meetings last 60-90 minutes.

All public is invited and you are urged to attend.

Hope to see you there!!!!


Veterans Action Coalition AUGUST 2015 Meeting

The Veterans Action Coalition will hold their monthly meeting for AUGUST 2015 on:


1900 hours (that’s 7 pm)

@ The South Regional Library location located off Johnston Street.

Meetings last between 60-90 minutes.

Guest speakers will be: Sheriff candidate, John Rogers.

**Please note the Coalition does not endorse any candidate as they have all been invited.**

  In addition we will hear from, Peter Henry, the new Acting Director of the Alexandria Medical Complex.

 He will have updates on both the new CBOC & the additional space authorized by Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson on his visit to Lafayette on 23 February, 2015.






Please  pray for Louisiana State Trooper, Steven Vincent who was shot and passed away Monday. Vincent was shot during a traffic investigation in the Lake Charles area. He is survived by his wife Katherine and son Ethan.

May God Bless America & all our Veterans & citizens





Please help us by spreading the word about the Coalition and our efforts in obtaining better healthcare for our Veteran’s.

Our coalition is not only limited to Veterans but family members, and friends of Veterans as well as concerned citizens regarding Veterans and their healthcare.

If you know anyone who would be interested in our Coalition please share our Facebook page with them as well as our website.

To learn more about The Veterans Action Coalition of South Louisianaplease visit our Facebook page and our website at www.vacoalition.com

“They fought for us, now it’s time to fight for them”…


DAV Framework for Building a Better VA

DAV Framework For Building a Better VA (click link for article)


As mentioned in our message last week, we propose a new framework to meet the needs of America’s veterans based on rebuilding, restructuring, realigning and reforming the VA health care system.  We have received numerous comments from our first alert, some with very positive comments and experiences with VA that illustrate that the VA health care system is capable of improving the lives of ill and injured veterans.  However, we also received some comments that clearly showed areas that are in dire need of improvement.  DAV believes all veterans who seek care in the VA should have a positive health care experience, which can only happen with a robust VA health care system that is capable of providing timely, high quality health care when needed by eligible veterans, both inside VA and in the community. Our proposed reforms are intended to ensure VA can provide that kind of care.

VA needs to rebuild and sustain its internal capacity to provide timely, high-quality health care. This begins with a long-term strategy to recruit, hire and retain sufficient clinical staff at all facilities to meet the needs of all enrolled veterans. In addition, VA must secure the funding to implement a long-term strategy to repair, maintain, relocate and expand, as necessary, usable treatment space to maximize access points where veterans can receive care.  VA must build on temporary initiatives implemented last year by permanently extending hours of operation outside traditional working hours.  It also should strengthen its research programs to prepare for veterans’ future health care needs.  In addition, academic affiliations support the teaching and research programs for future staffing and recruitment, and improve the quality of VA care.

VA needs to restructure and consolidate all non-VA care programs, into a single integrated Extended Care Network. A single program means VA remains accountable for the health care, whether delivered by VA or by a community provider. It would guarantee non-VA health care is coordinated. Consolidation would provide comprehensive access instead of simply giving veterans a payment card. Restructuring will require VA to complete the research and analysis related to the “choice” program.  Based on research and data, VA must develop an integrated Extended Care Network which incorporates the best features of fee-basis, contract care, ARCH, PC3, “choice,” and other purchased care programs.  However, this will only work if Congress provides a single, separate and guaranteed funding mechanism.  To be veteran-centric, VA must establish a new clinically based access policy. In addition, VA must develop an appropriate and effective decision mechanism that ensures that veterans who need medical care are able to access the extended care network, and make rapid decisions to ensure they gain access quickly.

VA must realign and expand its health care services to meet the diverse needs of all generations of veterans, beginning with new urgent care and extended operating hours. Like any large health care system, VA should provide walk-in capability.  Urgent care services could be delivered in existing facilities, or smaller urgent care clinics situated in new locations.   It should give veterans the ability to self-schedule appointments through web and app-based programs and expand web-based and tele-medicine options to reach rural veterans. It should also eliminate barriers and expand services to ensure that women veterans gain equal access to high quality, gender-specific, holistic, and preventative care. VA must also rebalance long-term care services to provide greater access to home- and community-based services, including expanding support for caregivers of veterans from all generations.

VA must reform its management culture through increased transparency and accountability. It should implement a new, transparent multi-year budgeting process that tracks funding and ties it to health outcomes. This approach is already working for the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security and legislation is pending in Congress to bring the same program to VA.  Another improvement would be to establish new performance standards for VA leaders and employees that focus on veteran-centric outcomes. VA should modernize and streamline hiring and human resources policies to more effectively compete with the private sector and other federal agencies. VA must reform and strengthen its Patient Advocate program to achieve greater independence from VA facility leadership and greater authority to cut through barriers and perform their duties to ensure that veterans receive timely, high-quality medical care services. Finally, VA must hold all of its employees – from the Secretary to receptionists – to the highest standards, while balancing the need to make the VA an employer of choice among federal agencies and the private sector.

The framework outlined here offers a new pathway that could lead toward a more responsive and better managed system. DAV is convinced that the VA health care system must be the centerpiece of how our nation delivers health care to America’s wounded, injured and ill veterans.


A Letter From David LaCerte


State VA Looking For Bids for Clinic


Show Veterans You Stand With Them

The Daily Advertiser:

For the full article click the link below:

Show Veterans You Stand With Them


Veterans Action Coalition Meeting Approaching

American Legion Post 241, 6 p.m., First Wednesday, at The Hall, Gloria Switch Road, Contact: Rudy Bourg, 298-3201

• Acadiana Veterans Honor Guard: first Thursday of the month, American Legion Post 69, 1501 Surrey St., 6 p.m. Contact: Aubrey Milligan 337-278-4460

• 82nd Airborne Association, 11 a.m., First Saturday, at Holy Cross Church, Building C, 505 Broadmoor Blvd at the intersection of Broadmoor Boulevard and Robley Drive, Contact: Randy Vidrine, 288-2730

• Veterans Action Coalition: The monthly meeting of the Veterans Action Coalition of Southwest Louisiana will take place at 7 p.m. on March 30 at the Lafayette South Regional Library , 6101 Johnston St.

The latest update on the new, soon to be built, clinic will be the primary focus along with the promised additional 5,000 square feet to supplement the existing small overcrowded clinic.

Two suitable spaces have been located at the St. Francis building on St. Mary Boulevard. We are not so patiently waiting for the VA the cut through the red tape and lease the space. Yolanda Jackson, Deputy Director of VA Alexandria will be a guest speaker to give the VA update.

• On the first Sunday of the month, admission will be free to the USS KIDD Veterans Memorial and Museum.

The USS KIDD is located at 305 South River Road, Baton Rouge. This First Free Sunday event occurs every first Sunday of the month. For more information, please call 225-342-1942 or visit usskidd.com.

• American Legion Post 69 women’s Auxiliary currently has two available scholarships at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. If you are a child or grandchild of a U.S. veteran and attend UL in the nursing or business curriculum, you may be eligible for a scholarship. For more information, please contact Lela DeBate at 337-886-6727.

• The Acadiana Chapter 82nd Airborne Division Association Spring Bar-B-Que will be held on Saturday April 11 at Holy Cross Catholic Church, 415 Robley Drive.

This event is for our Acadiana Chapter 82nd Airborne Division Association members. If you are an Airborne Jump Qualified veteran no matter what unit, we invite you to come to this event and to join our Chapter.

If you were ever assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division and are not jump qualified, you are still eligible for membership. An example of this are the non-jump qualified replacements who were sent to Vietnam in 1968-69 as replacements. We hope that you would join the Chapter. If you are interested, in attending or want more information, please contact the Chapter Chairman: John R. “Randy” Vidrine, Home number 337-684-6175, or cell 337-288-2730 or email: jrvidrine@aol.com.

 Smile God is here was founded in 2010 to show appreciation to our precious veterans for all they have done for us.

Our main focus is repairing the homes of veterans in need. We believe in providing a safer and more livable environment.

We are currently partnering with various parishes at this time in an effort to help repair as many homes as possible. The following parishes are eligible for services: Acadia, Evangeline, Iberia, Lafayette, St Landry, St Martin and Vermillion.

Our Services include: Indoor or outdoor repairs on doors, windows, porches, floors, ceiling, cracks, holes, etc.

If you are a handyman wanting to give back to those who have given so much, or if you are a veteran in need of our services, please contact us. We are also in need of volunteers for noncarpentry services.

For more information please call, or contact us by website. Veronica Mallet, founder/president 337-255-2655 smilegodishere.com


Boustany: Contract awarded for Lafayette veterans clinic

The Daily Advertiser March 23rd 2015


Boustany Contract Awarded



For the full Article click the link:

Boustany: Contract awarded for Lafayette Veterans Clinic


Carencro Veterans Memorial Bricks

Below is the information for anyone interested in purchasing a brick for the Carencro Veterans Memorial:

“We’re excited to announce that we are very close to filling a third additional square of commemorative bricks in the memorial plaza. Once these last few bricks are sold, we’ll be able to plan the second phase installation. Two of these three additional squares are filled, and the third has just a few spaces remaining.”

If you’ve been thinking about buying an engraved brick, now’s the time! Gets your order in before this ordering phase closes, and your brick can be installed with the next group

For more information, contact Gwen at 886-7002 or Candy at 886-7003 .


Living Legends

Living Legends:

The Acadian Museum, 203 South Broadway, Erath, Louisiana honors the memory of local veterans in its museum.

At the front door stand the busts Vermillion Parish veterans Brandon Dronet, Iraq war veteran, and Vietnam Veteran Farrell Vice .Inductees include Phillip Andrepont, James Bollich, Gary Edmondson , Lt General Russell Honore, and former Govenor Edwin Edwards.

To visit the museum or for more information, info@acadianmuseum.com (337) 233-5832 or http://www.acadianmuseum.com/museum.html.