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2/21/17 Lake Charles VA Clinic Phone System


To All Lake Charles and surrounding area Veterans

Below is a news release from the Alexandria Healthcare System in response to the many questions about the Lake Charles TELEPHONE SYSTEM:

We are aware that Veterans in the Lake Charles community are having difficulty reaching the Interim Lake Charles Clinic by phone. That is unacceptable and we apologize for this situation.
The Interim Lake Charles Clinic does not have a standalone phone switch but utilizes an Alexandria phone number as a temporary measure.

Due to this workaround, there have been substantial issues with Veterans being unable to reach the Lake Charles Clinic for scheduling and other needs. In an effort to improve Veteran experiences via the telephones, Lake Charles calls will be routed to the Alexandria VA Call Center.

Staff in the call center are well trained and able to schedule for the Lake Charles Clinic. Any calls that cannot be handled by the staff in the call center will be referred to the staff in Lake Charles for resolution.

The only number to be used for the Lake Charles Clinic is (318) 466-4500.

There are a few adjustments to be made to phone hardware and software to make this happen; therefore, this will be in place on Wednesday, February 22nd.

New business cards have been printed that include this number and will be available at the clinic on Wednesday as well. This should improve phone response times and provide more consistent customer service for our Veterans.

When the new Lake Charles clinic is activated in August 2017, it will have its own phone switch and Automated Call Distribution (ACD) system which will enable direct access to the Lake Charles clinic and staff.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to ensure our Veterans receive the care they so richly deserve.
Tammie Arnold
Public Affairs Officer
Alexandria VA Health Care System


Lake Charles CBOC Update 1/19/17


As seen on KPLC…

For the full story click the link below:


VA Says Beam Signing Signifies Progress On Veterans Clinic



Lafayette CBOC Voluntter 232 help

Volunteers are needed in the new Lafayette CBOC.

For more information or to pick up a Volunteer application to be considered, please contact:

MS. RAE LOGAN, Community Volunteer Liaison

at (337) 205-6008

*Volunteer Applications can be faxed or  picked up at : 232-Help

You may also click the link below to download and print the Volunteer Application.

Completed forms may be mailed to:

Rae Logan

1005 Jefferson St.

Lafayette, LA 70501


To Download the Volunteer Application Please click the link below:

Volunteer Application


VAC Mission Statement


Mission Statement of The Veteran’s Action Coalition of South Louisiana

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Veterans Action Coalition of Southwest Louisiana is to assure all local veterans obtain the highest quality medical care available. In addition, the Coalition functions to promote and support other veteran programs in southwest Louisiana.

1. Encourage all veterans to sign up for VA privileges
2. Obtain enlarged, improved medical clinic facility in the Lake Charles CBOC area
3. Insure quality medical care at any clinic available to the veterans of southwest Louisiana
4. Obtain better specialty care to minimize long distance travel to other VA facilities
5. Utilize local physicians to help assure specialty services for veterans
6. Keep veterans informed of health and other issues through Monthly/Quarterly medical presentations, website and media
7. Inform, promote and support veteran activities not related to medical issues
8. Adjust objectives and direction of VAC efforts as needed in response to major changes in local, regional or national VA system


Lafayette CBOC Activation Plan

Lafayette CBOC Activations Schedule




Please help us by spreading the word about the Coalition and our efforts in obtaining better healthcare for our Veteran’s.

Our coalition is not only limited to Veterans but family members, and friends of Veterans as well as concerned citizens regarding Veterans and their healthcare.

If you know anyone who would be interested in our Coalition please share our Facebook page with them as well as our website.

To learn more about The Veterans Action Coalition of South Louisiana please visit our Facebook page under The Veterans Action Coalition of South Louisiana and our website at

“They fought for us, now it’s time to fight for them”…






Please help us by spreading the word about the Coalition and our efforts in obtaining better healthcare for our Veteran’s.

Our coalition is not only limited to Veterans but family members, and friends of Veterans as well as concerned citizens regarding Veterans and their healthcare.

If you know anyone who would be interested in our Coalition please share our Facebook page with them as well as our website.

To learn more about The Veterans Action Coalition of South Louisianaplease visit our Facebook page and our website at

“They fought for us, now it’s time to fight for them”…


Veterans Hear VA Proposal

This article was originally published by the Daily Advertiser in Lafayette Louisiana – the article can be read in its orginal form by clicking on the link

Veterans hear VA proposal

Bruce Brown • • September 23, 2010

The message was hard to miss Wednesday — military veterans in South Louisiana want better medical care, and they don’t want to have to go to Pineville to get it.

Gracie Specks, director of the VA Medical Center in Pineville, heard those concerns. She and her senior staff first met with members of the Veterans Action Coalition of Acadiana in the afternoon, then Specks fielded comments and questions from the audience at the group’s regular meeting.

“First of all, thank you to all of you veterans for our freedom,” Specks told the group. “You have done your part. Now, it’s our responsibility to take care of you.”

She made it clear that a VA hospital is not in the cards, since that actually takes an act of Congress to enact, but said the VA was committed to a greatly expandedCommunity Based Outpatient Clinic in Lafayette.

A similar CBOC facility is planned for Lake Charles, and the combination of those two facilities will alleviate much of the travel presently required by veterans for care.

Current plans call for a facility between 25,000 and 28,000 square feet, roughly three times the size of the current outpatient clinic in Lafayette. Reviews of specifics of the package will be conducted, then the VA will issue a request for proposal of bids.

Focused efforts by U.S. Sens. Mary Landrieu and David Vitter, as well as U.S. Reps. Charles Boustany Jr. and Charlie Melancon, are credited with speeding up the normally slow process of doing business in Washington, and officials are hopeful that progress will be shown by January.

“With their help, we should see bids for a super clinic on the streets two months sooner than usual,” said Specks, who listed many of areas of care to be provided by the expanded center.

“We will have lab services,” she said. “You won’t have to drive an hour and a half, and wait 40 minutes for an appointment, so we’ll bring the lab down here. We can have special services like urologists and cardiologists on certain days, or bring the surgeon here.

“We’ll definitely look at having a pharmacy. We’re adding OEF-OIF counselors. Dermatology will be handled by telemedicine. For surgery, we’ll be able to do the lumps and bumps but not something like major heart surgery. We can contract with private doctors into the Super Clinic.”

Female veterans have special needs that need to be addressed, Specks said. She also recognized long-range care needs in audiology and opthalmology for current military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as PTSD, head trauma and mental-health issues.

Specks got an idea of what to expect from the public from her afternoon meeting with the coalition, many of whom voiced concerns about the square footage issue.

“We will be unhappy if there are limits on this clinic,” said Rodney Hamilton, who continues to press for both a Super Clinic and a hospital despite the odds. “As military, we understand rules and regulations, but we’re looking for first best, not second best, care. If it’s limited, that turkey’s not going to fly.

“I feel the 25,000 (square footage) should be a minimum, with no ceiling. If you lock it in, you’ve obviously eliminated the space to grow.”

“When I served, the square footage I was allocated was a foxhole,” said Link Savoie. “No one is doing us a favor. We’re just asking for our just due.”

Both Specks and Bryan Bayley, Deputy Network Director based in Jackson, Miss., emphasized that expansion is a key ingredient of any new facility.

“If you’re talking about an inpatient facility, that gets into a whole different type facility than a CBOC,” said Bayley, himself a veteran from a military family, whose son has served two tours of duty in Iraq.



Recently, veterans from Lafayette and surrounding parishes formed a Veteran’s Action Coalition because of the dire need for a Veteran’s Super Outpatient Clinic in Southwest Louisiana. A marvelous opportunity exists due to the vacancy of Southpark Hospital located in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Collectively, the Veteran’s Action Coalition would like the Veteran’s Administration to seriously consider acquiring this facility. Such an acquisition would (1) greatly enhance the level or treatment available; (2) improve the quality of care, and; (3) provide a modern, spacious medical facility that will meet the needs of our veterans.

Currently, veterans must travel to Veteran’s Affairs Medical Centers in Pineville and Shreveport Louisiana, or Houston, Texas for treatment. Many veterans in Southwest Louisiana simply cannot be expected to continue to make such physically demanding journeys to receive treatment.

We are soliciting support from veterans and their families, from veteran’s organizations and from citizens living in each of the communities in Southwest Louisiana, as well as the support of elected official (City, Parish, State, and Federal). The Veteran’s Action Coalition is fortunate to have the support of the Louisiana Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Our goal is simple…success acquiring a Veteran’s Super Outpatient Clinic capable of meeting the needs of over 60,000 military veterans in Southwest Louisiana.

Thank you for supporting Louisiana’s, deserving, veterans!

Please return a copy of the signed letter ( a copy can be downloaded here) to the following address:


Rodney Hamilton

217 Cricklade Court

Youngsville, LA 70592

For any further information, you may contact Rodney Hamilton at 337-856-0092. Rodney can also disclose the next meeting date and location.