Recently, veterans from Lafayette and surrounding parishes formed a Veteran’s Action Coalition because of the dire need for a Veteran’s Super Outpatient Clinic in Southwest Louisiana. A marvelous opportunity exists due to the vacancy of Southpark Hospital located in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Collectively, the Veteran’s Action Coalition would like the Veteran’s Administration to seriously consider acquiring this facility. Such an acquisition would (1) greatly enhance the level or treatment available; (2) improve the quality of care, and; (3) provide a modern, spacious medical facility that will meet the needs of our veterans.

Currently, veterans must travel to Veteran’s Affairs Medical Centers in Pineville and Shreveport Louisiana, or Houston, Texas for treatment. Many veterans in Southwest Louisiana simply cannot be expected to continue to make such physically demanding journeys to receive treatment.

We are soliciting support from veterans and their families, from veteran’s organizations and from citizens living in each of the communities in Southwest Louisiana, as well as the support of elected official (City, Parish, State, and Federal). The Veteran’s Action Coalition is fortunate to have the support of the Louisiana Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Our goal is simple…success acquiring a Veteran’s Super Outpatient Clinic capable of meeting the needs of over 60,000 military veterans in Southwest Louisiana.

Thank you for supporting Louisiana’s, deserving, veterans!

Please return a copy of the signed letter ( a copy can be downloaded here) to the following address:


Rodney Hamilton

217 Cricklade Court

Youngsville, LA 70592

For any further information, you may contact Rodney Hamilton at 337-856-0092. Rodney can also disclose the next meeting date and location.

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