2/21/17 Lake Charles VA Clinic Phone System


To All Lake Charles and surrounding area Veterans

Below is a news release from the Alexandria Healthcare System in response to the many questions about the Lake Charles TELEPHONE SYSTEM:

We are aware that Veterans in the Lake Charles community are having difficulty reaching the Interim Lake Charles Clinic by phone. That is unacceptable and we apologize for this situation.
The Interim Lake Charles Clinic does not have a standalone phone switch but utilizes an Alexandria phone number as a temporary measure.

Due to this workaround, there have been substantial issues with Veterans being unable to reach the Lake Charles Clinic for scheduling and other needs. In an effort to improve Veteran experiences via the telephones, Lake Charles calls will be routed to the Alexandria VA Call Center.

Staff in the call center are well trained and able to schedule for the Lake Charles Clinic. Any calls that cannot be handled by the staff in the call center will be referred to the staff in Lake Charles for resolution.

The only number to be used for the Lake Charles Clinic is (318) 466-4500.

There are a few adjustments to be made to phone hardware and software to make this happen; therefore, this will be in place on Wednesday, February 22nd.

New business cards have been printed that include this number and will be available at the clinic on Wednesday as well. This should improve phone response times and provide more consistent customer service for our Veterans.

When the new Lake Charles clinic is activated in August 2017, it will have its own phone switch and Automated Call Distribution (ACD) system which will enable direct access to the Lake Charles clinic and staff.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to ensure our Veterans receive the care they so richly deserve.
Tammie Arnold
Public Affairs Officer
Alexandria VA Health Care System

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