Military Exchanges Plan to Offer Online Access to Veterans

Honorable Discharged veterans will be able to shop online at the PX/BX Navy Exchange system. Passing this along on to everyone who is an HONORABLY discharged veteran of our military. Congress recently passed this.

As a honorably discharged veteran you can shop ONLINE (only) at the AAFES / NAVY EXCHANGE system. You will need to log into VetVerify.orgto register to shop.
This pertains to the PX system NOT THE COMMISSARY SYSTEM.

All honorably discharged veterans interested in shopping online at the military exchanges can begin their verification process immediately, exchange officials said, and some may be able to shop prior to the program’s full launch.

Some veterans who register at VetVerify.org will be invited to be beta testers, with the ability to shop online earlier than the planned Nov. 11 launch date. Officials said the sooner veterans register on the site, the better their chances of being chosen as a beta tester.

The exchange websites offer tax-free shopping, as well as discounted pricing. Actual online pricing can be seen only by those who are authorized to shop at the websites: shopmyexchange.comshopcgx.commymcx.com; and mynavyexchange.com.

VetVerify.org uses information from the Defense Department’s Defense Manpower Data Center to verify a veteran’s status; veterans will receive notification of their acceptance as online shoppers or, if their records are incomplete, will receive guidance on the steps they can take to update those records.

Doing this process ahead of time will allow veterans to start shopping Nov. 11, or earlier if they are among the “beta testers” chosen to try out the system in advance of the launch.



Military Exchanges plan to offer online access to Veterans by November 11


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